Why customers’ growing love affair with O365 should be ringing alarm bells for service providers

Why customers’ growing love affair with O365 should be ringing alarm bells for service providers

No doubt you’re tired of hearing how the adoption of cloud technology solutions continues to accelerate due to the coronavirus pandemic. The collaborative tools that accompany Office 365 have been utilised by WFH workers to facilitate teamwork and efficiencies in order to achieve the productivity levels desired by the organisations employing these remote workers.

And you know it’s getting serious when IDC presents us with a paper focused solely on the serious risks an organisation faces by not backing up Microsoft Office 365. You can download the whitepaper by visiting ARN here.

“While O365 is fast becoming the centre of business productivity, a backup and recovery strategy is an afterthought. Relying on Microsoft’s native backup capabilities and infrastructure-level uptime features is a risky strategy because regardless of where the data is, it is the company’s responsibility,” IDC research manager, Archana Venkatraman, tells us.

We are reminded that Microsoft’s shared responsibility in Office 365 is restricted to infrastructure while the organisation using the application is fully responsible for all data security, compliance, privacy, backup and recovery. Without implementing a backup strategy for Office 365, your business clients are risking “ransomware, accidental loss of data, lack of data control, compliance exposures and threats to business continuity,” concludes Venkatraman.

Backup 365 is the simplest way to ensure your customers’ data is always secure from these sorts of threats. Contact us below for more information, or to see how easy it is to backup the Office365 data of your clients, securely in Australian data centres, today.


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What would you do if your organisation lost all its Teams chats history?

What would you do if your organisation lost all its Teams chats history?

It was revealed earlier this week that the personal chat histories of 145,000 users of the KPMG International Cooperative were inadvertently and permanently deleted due to an in-house IT blunder.

The accountancy giant’s Global Technology & Knowledge (GT&K) group attempted to remove a single user’s account from an active retention policy but what would actually occur was the deletion of all end users chat histories throughout the organisation.

Irreversible damage was done, and crucial business data was lost as a result.

These sorts of unfortunate events happen all too often. This year has seen Microsoft Teams become an integral part of a business’s operations in the new WFH normal. In April 2020, Microsoft Teams passed 75 million daily active users – up 70% from 44 million daily active users just six earlier.

Importantly, when something like this happens, it’s a sobering reminder that technology giants such as Microsoft, whilst reliable and revolutionary in the services they provide, are not responsible for the long term security of the data that you trust them with.

This is why we’re so proud to have created Backup365. These are the sorts of situations and unavoidable blunders that businesses need to be protected from. To be made aware of the huge risks so many organisations unwittingly take when migrating to a cloud solution such as Microsoft 365 which only provides a temporary (30 day) recycle bin service.

Backup365 offers the guarantee that businesses’ Microsoft 365 mailboxes, SharePoint, OneDrive and Teams data are backed up multiple times daily while being stored securely in Australian data centres.

Increasingly, business is happening within Teams. Data loss disasters such as what has occurred with KPMG are occurring in greater numbers. Are you prepared for the worst?


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Your responsibilities in a COVID-19 induced environment

Your cloud customers need you – and data protection – now more than ever

You and the businesses you support, from a technology point of view, continue to live in a Covid-19 induced new ‘Business as Usual’ (BAU). All reports are telling us that your clients have readily and willingly moved to cloud services as their workforce necessarily moved to the Working from Home (WFH) journey.

This has instigated a good deal of much welcomed activity from your end. Importantly, this demand spike highlights your role in supporting customers’ IT security and essential backup environments for their key business cloud applications.

The recent statement from the CEO of Microsoft, Satya Nadella, reinforces this – “We’ve experienced two years of growth in two months” – when talking about the increased demand for cloud services during the pandemic.

While Office 365 keeps deleted items for up to 30 days in your recycle bin and OneDrive and SharePoint have up to 30 days of versioning (if the feature is enabled), that is it! Let’s not talk about malicious or unintentional deletions. You and your customers know that scenario well.

Backup365 gives you and your customers peace of mind by that all that critical information is kept for 10+years, saves you money by removing Office 365 mailboxes when staff members depart while ensuring you can retrieve any of the information if/when needed.

Contact us to find out how Backup365 adds significant value to you and your business customers.


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Your cloud customers need you – and data protection – now more than ever

Your cloud customers need you – and data protection – now more than ever

Your cloud customers need you more than ever today. They need protection as they work remotely away from each other, away from their familiar workplace, away from a location that provided comfort that all data was safe. Distance brings fear.

This is the time to talk Backup365. Yes, it’s a commercial opportunity for you. But it is also a responsibility because the majority of your customers are not aware that their Microsoft 365 data is only saved for 30 days by Microsoft. As one of our MSPs has recently said: “The fact that we can confidently say to our Office 365 customers that all of their data is backed up, searchable and accessible for as long as they need it, is peace of mind for everyone.”

With emails, files and collaboration tools being accessed from home (with or without a secure VPN in place), IT support role becomes more challenging for MSPs – aside from a growing number of security risks.

Emails, files, and collaboration tools overwhelmingly are now being accessed from home, sometimes over secure VPN, many times not. The wide disparity in WFH network environments makes the IT support role even more challenging for MSPs, on top of the new security risks that have also emerged. Data protection for your cloud SaaS customers should be top of mind.

Most providers like Microsoft offer only limited data retention capabilities within their services (eg 30 days before data is deleted by them). They look for end-customers to leverage other service providers’ offerings to safeguard the underlying data. This is where we step in, ensuring NO data is ever deleted and that data is safely stored in Australia. Easy search and restoration when and if needed.

You know what to do, contact us to find out how Backup365 adds significant value to you and your business customers.


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Backup365 & Rhipe

rhipe Extends SMB Data Protection as Backup365 ANZ distributor
8 July 2020

APAC’s leading Cloud Channel Company, rhipe (ASX: RHP), has been appointed as ANZ distributor for Backup365®. The Australian developed SaaS offering delivers effortless, automated and managed cloud data protection to the customers of managed service providers (MSPs).

The Backup365 agreement is key to rhipe’s rapid ongoing expansion plans, providing a more comprehensive suite of solutions for businesses of all sizes, as customers adopt cloud based services such as Microsoft 365.

This distribution agreement follows recent rhipe announcements that detailed the combined financials of all three quarters of FY20 with 32 percent sales growth and 19 percent revenue growth compared to the first 9 months of FY19. The growth was fuelled by strong sales of Microsoft’s cloud solution provider products. The Backup365 distributor agreement helps rhipe to continue to drive its cloud based services sales and revenue trends.

Tovia Va’aelua, rhipe General Manager ANZ, Products & Programs, said, “Backup365 is a unique offering to our ANZ channel community. This distribution agreement provides a complementary solution for SMB businesses that need to maintain cloud data backups while retaining accessibility of what is business critical data.”

Andrew Johnson, Backup365 CEO said “rhipe, is a natural fit for us with its large channel community reach in Australia and New Zealand. We’re both 100 percent Australian organisations solely dedicated to cloud solutions for MSPs and their customers with a growth strategy focused on the burgeoning Asian market.”

Launched to the cloud market in 2017, the idea for Backup365 was sparked by seeing so many MSPs moving their SMB customers to cloud based services such as Microsoft 365, OneDrive, Xero, etc. Johnson said that end customers were unaware of the need to maintain backups, versioning, or life cycle management and accessibility to business data even though they had moved to the cloud.

“We saw a consistent message from service providers that though customer data and backup activities are the customers’ responsibility, customers felt their data was safe ‘in the cloud’. We wanted to bridge that gap for MSPs, with an easy to deploy, locally supported, cost-effective solution,” said Johnson. “We’ve engineered a frictionless provisioning solution that ensures a painless experience for customer and partner whilst delivering peace of mind when it comes to data protection for the long term.”

Cloud service providers such as Microsoft 365, Xero, SharePoint, OneDrive and other business clouds focus on ensuring uptime and access. Importantly, the backing up of cloud data is the responsibility of each individual organisation. With Backup365, an organisation’s entire cloud data is backed up, searchable and retained as needed for business access and continuity.

About Backup365 Pty Ltd (www.backup365.io)
Founded in 2017, Backup365 Pty Ltd (Backup365®) was developed to assist Managed Service Providers ensure the safety and integrity of their customers’ cloud based data in the Australian and New Zealand markets. Whilst the responsibility of cloud business providers is to ensure uptime and access for their customers; backing up cloud data remains the responsibility of each individual business. Backup365 ensures all an organisation’s cloud data is backed up, searchable, undeletable and accessible forever.

About rhipe (www.rhipe.com)
rhipe, (ASK: RHP) is the cloud channel company. It provides its partners with a complete end to end cloud solution, helping them to grow and thrive in the emerging cloud economy. As a cloud 1st, Channel 1st company, rhipe is recognised as the leading expert in subscription software licensing in Asia Pacific and its multi-award-winning services and support division is the industry leader in Microsoft Office365 implementation.

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