Backup365 Case Study:

Planetiware IT

365 degree data protection from malicious activity to increased challenging climate events

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The Client

For over 18 years, the Managed Service Provider (MSP), Planetiware IT, has delivered best of breed, secure and cost effective technology solutions and support to small, medium and large scale businesses throughout New South Wales and other parts of Australia.

Early Adoption

Planetiware’s Microsoft 365 customers do not hesitate to confirm that they want their data to be accessible to enable searches and restoration at any time – now and into the future.

“We were one of the first MSPs to roll out Backup365®. You could say we were early adopters of this cloud-based solution. A lot of organisations don’t read the fine print. Microsoft 365 only keeps deleted items for up to 30 days in a user’s recycle bin, then it’s gone.

Exchange Online’s limited backup and recovery functions are just not good enough to meet security threats head on. Because we have implemented Backup365®, this security risk is not an issue for any of our customers,” says Moore.

Moore adds that a data loss conversation is to be avoided for everyone’s sake. Implementing Backup365® for Planetiware’s Microsoft 365 customers is not only a cost-effective insurance policy, it’s a simple addition.

“From automated provisioning to setting up the ConnectWise billing integration, we’ve never had an issue nor have we ever had any customer pushback.

The fully automated billing system and monthly reporting demonstrates clearly that the solution is built with MSPs at the core,” adds Moore.

Two-Way Approach

Feedback from Moore’s organisation has contributed to enhancements to Backup365®’s User Interface (UI), restoration functionality and reporting tools.

The organisation’s Backup365® customers include engineering, retail and construction industries ranging from five to 120 seats.

Backup365 as a Solution

Moore talks of other MSPs whose customers did not have a back-up solution for their Software-as-a-Solution (SaaS) applications.

He mentions that in mid-2019, a customer of another MSP organisation identified that some internally driven malicious activity was taking place within his organisation. Before the CEO could access the essential data proof of the alleged wrong doings, all the data had been deleted and not able to be restored.

The warning is clear, Microsoft 365 does not incorporate a robust, undeletable back up function. Understanding this is critical and organisations must take on this responsibility – or at least they need their trusted service provider to ensure their data is protected not only for 30 days but into the future.

“At the end of the day, Microsoft 365 is the benchmark for businesses today and we believe Backup365® is an essential component of a full business solution. It’s not a nice-to-have,” concludes Moore.