Backup365 Case Study:

Solve Business Services

Business security combining processes, policies, education and smart technology

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The Client

Solve Business Services is a Victoria-based Managed Service Provider (MSP). The company has been supporting small and medium businesses (SMEs) in their technology needs for over 20 years. The competitive environment increasingly demands that these small organisations do more with less, more rapidly.

The Challenge

There is a high understanding by SMEs that technology assists in delivering to bottom line results as well as meeting on their promises to customers.

“But using the technology doesn’t mean organisations grasp the backend technology complexities. That’s where we come in,” says David Nicholls, Head of IT at Solve Business Services.

Security-Driven Systems

He explains that all his SME customers have willingly embraced cloud services. This frees them up from ongoing software and hardware installations, upgrades and maintenance issues, as well as providing greater flexibility.

They are also well versed on the growing dangers surrounding how each company retains its data integrity and is protected from malicious intentional hacking, other threats and accidental data loss.

“Security isn’t something you buy, it’s a system that combines business processes and policies, staff education along with multi-factor authentication, conditional access and advanced threat protection and more,” says Nicholls.

And that’s exactly what Solve Business Services does with all its customers. A bundled package is tailored to suit their customer base of 60 businesses using Microsoft 365. Within each bundle, Backup365® is included.

The Australian developed Backup365® cloud solution automatically backs up every single Microsoft 365 mailbox, SharePoint, OneDrive and business clouds systems’ data and stores the data within Australia securely.

Nicholls goes to great lengths to explain the criticality of data protection now and into the future to all his clients.

“The majority of our customers are in the financial services space and they are more understanding of compliance requirements than other industries – especially since the Haynes Royal Commission. They willingly embrace the value that Backup365® offers
their organisation should there be a malicious event or an accidental deletion,” says Nicholls.

Previous Approach

His team reviewed other Microsoft 365 backup systems.

Some were less costly but cumbersome. Issues included, when reaching certain user number tiers, the backup systems jumped up in pricing, sometimes doubling. Additional frustrations included lack of flexibility and billing integration issues.

Backup365 as a Solution

Solve Business Services reviewed Backup 365® thoroughly and liked the granular recovery it offers.

“The ten year retention of data, unlike Microsoft’s 30 days, delivers real peace of mind to my clients and to me. I feed my ideas to the Backup365® development team because they welcome it and act on it. A good example of this is the recently enhanced Backup365® reporting tool,” says Nicholls.

“I’m also looking forward to a new feature soon to be released where you can restore mailbox files in .pst file format. No one out there is doing this.”

Nicholls’ team looks after over 550 user mailboxes.

The simple scalable solutions, with predictable fixed monthly price billing, are appreciated by his customer base.

He is confident his clients are well insured against data loss and the associated loss of productivity and earnings. He is across Backup365®’s roadmap and likes what he sees.