Backup365 Case Study: Viatek

Why Viatek Chooses Backup365

“We chose Backup365 to partner with exclusively because it’s the best turnkey solution in the market which ensures the safety of our clients’ data. It’s just commercial common sense really,” says David Jacobs, Head of Technical Consulting at Viatek.

Founded nearly 40 years ago, Viatek is proudly Australian owned and operated with 20 offices in New South Wales and Victoria.

The company’s by-line states: It’s about your business. The sole focus of each Viatek employee is the clients’ business productivity and operations. Viatek services a broad industry base varying from 50-400 seats.

The Rise of Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams usage rose from 20 million users in November 2019 to 44 million in March 2020, rising to 75 million by April 2020. Microsoft Teams reached 270 million users in 2022. “These are eye-watering statistics,” says Jacobs, “and it’s the small end of town – the small to medium businesses (SMBs) – that pivoted, attracted to the flexibility and utility that Microsoft Teams offers.”

Today, SMBs are comfortable in that cloud space but while Microsoft 365 and its alluring Teams app provides availability and uptime to the organisation and its users, there are serious data backup issues not well understood by the business community, reveals Jacobs.

Who’s Responsible For The Users’ Data?

Fundamentally, Microsoft does not take responsibility for users’ data protection and retention. It’s the licence user’s responsibility to protect their data. “This essentially means it’s in the hands of each customer’s trusted Managed Service Provider (MSP) to sort this business protection jigsaw piece out as painlessly as possible for the customer,” says Jacobs.

Backup365: Viatek’s Go To Market Solution

Viatek claims the Backup365 solution is the organisation’s go-to-market solution. It is the value add for customers’ mitigation processes in the areas of compliance and risk reduction. Importantly, Viatek offers the solution in a simple monthly subscription consumption basis.

Compared to two-three years ago, organisations are more savvy when it comes to Microsoft 365 data retention needs. They are aware of the risk they can ill afford when it comes to their business’s business-as-usual operations – either through internal or external malicious intentional hacking or the growing cyber-attack threats.

Risk Mitigation & Business Continuity Imperative

Education comes first, and then the solution is provided, explains Jacobs. This is not a selling exercise – it’s a risk mitigation, business continuity imperative.

Viatek’s customers are more than comfortable with the solution and there has not been one pushback to installing the service. Overwhelmingly, customers have identified the solution as economical with no barriers to entry – seamless in its implementation, completely scalable as the business grows.

Jacobs draws attention to an additional consideration in the implementation of Backup365 for his customers. “Since the geopolitical disruption hit all nations earlier this year, home sovereignty storage of data is upper most in the minds of CEOs,” he says. “For us, as an ISO 27001 accredited company, when we onboard vendors, the relationship is critical. We undertake thorough due diligence of them as a partner. It is not a transactional relationship; should never be. And this sometimes raises some difficult conversations which we have, and continue to have, with the Backup365 team.”

Let’s Get On With It

Having introduced Backup365 to its customers, Viatek had 16% using the service within the first two months and forecasts 55-60% of its customers will be onboarded with the solution in the following three months.

Increasing legislative obligations mandating data protections coupled with the insurance sector demanding businesses be equipped with data protection solutions amidst growing cyber security incidents, Backup365 is seen as an additional protective armour for these businesses without breaking the bank.

“During one of my recent discussions with a customer, he simply looked at me and said it’s a no brainer; let’s get on with it,” concludes Jacobs.