Backup365 Testimonials

Backup365 is simple to use and securely protects Microsoft 365 data, supporting Exchange Online, OneDrive, SharePoint and Microsoft Teams.

Relied on by thousands of users and lauded by Managed Service Providers (MSPs), Backup365 is designed with MSPs in mind.

Here are some testimonials from MSPs who rely on Backup365 to protect their customers’ data.

A trusted Australian company addressing data sovereignty concerns

Backup365 was an obvious choice for us once we evaluated the market and reviewed the product against the competition. We found that while all backup solutions say they will handle a cyberattack, our testing and experience with other systems proved otherwise.

The fact that the backed up files can’t be deleted and exist for 10 years means that the backup will be there if we ever need it. Even system administrators cannot delete the data in the backend.

We also like working with an Australian company that stores data in Australian data centres, as data sovereignty is a big issue for us and our customers.

We recommend Backup365 to all of our customers. I am happy and can sleep soundly knowing that should the worst happen and a system gets compromised, we can rely on Backup365.


Recommended to all users of Microsoft 365

Backup365 is a service I would recommend to all users using the Microsoft 365 platform. We were introduced to Backup365 via rhipe as we were looking for a better and centralised solution for our company and our customers.

Once we spoke to Helene and tested the platform, we chose Backup365. The platform is so user friendly and easy to use and we were sold on the ability to drill down to folders or emails and restore them with simple choice of filters.

Backup365 also holds for 10 years, which was an impressive point for our customers. The support and training provided by the team is awesome and they’ve always been able to answer all my questions.

This solution is a fantastic way to deploy backups for our customers with no downtime to their services. It is also quick to deploy by my team without the need for provision servers or backup replication policies.

In the past, we have used other backup options, but Backup365 beats them all, as it only takes 10-15 minutes to setup a tenant and begin backup of emails, OneDrive and Share Point.

The biggest fear we have is losing data.

Now we use Backup365 as a backup solution, I can sleep well at night knowing that our data is protected and safe.

Thanks to the rhipe team for introducing Backup365, and Helene at Backup365 for making this experience easy and worthwhile for our company.

– Donald Singh, Twist IT

Quick and easy to deploy within 15 minutes

Just wanted to let you know how impressed I am with the Backup365 product. In particular, the ease with which I was able to install the product from the rhipe platform. This is a fantastic way to deploy a backup solution to my clients without needing to invest large amounts of time on provision servers, replication patterns. It was so quick and easy, I was able to deploy to a customer who needed a solution in place within 15 minutes. My customer had a backup solution, without downtime, within 24 hours for their email, SharePoint and OneDrive. WOW, just WOW! Thanks for introducing me to this product which will now be included for every customer as a default application.

– Steven Goldsmith, SPAJ GROUP Pty Ltd

Automatic discovery means nothing is missed

My biggest fear is that through human error, we don’t back up a mailbox which the customer needs. That’s why I like Backup365.
– Shaun Moore, Planetiware

Complete peace of mind

The fact that we can confidently say to our Microsoft 365 customers that all of their data is backed up, searchable and accessible for as long as they need it, is peace of mind for everyone.
– Martin Thurgate, Diamond IT

Data insurance policy

To be able to guarantee to our clients that their data is secure and protected in country no matter what business circumstances befalls them gives us all peace of mind.
– Andrew Sim, Simtec IT 

Easy to use

Backup365 has great tools and is easy to use every day.

– Maurice Hays, Hays Computer World

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