What would you do if your organisation lost all its Teams chats history?

It was revealed earlier this week that the personal chat histories of 145,000 users of the KPMG International Cooperative were inadvertently and permanently deleted due to an in-house IT blunder.

The accountancy giant’s Global Technology & Knowledge (GT&K) group attempted to remove a single user’s account from an active retention policy but what would actually occur was the deletion of all end users chat histories throughout the organisation.

Irreversible damage was done, and crucial business data was lost as a result.

These sorts of unfortunate events happen all too often. This year has seen Microsoft Teams become an integral part of a business’s operations in the new WFH normal. In April 2020, Microsoft Teams passed 75 million daily active users – up 70% from 44 million daily active users just six earlier.

Importantly, when something like this happens, it’s a sobering reminder that technology giants such as Microsoft, whilst reliable and revolutionary in the services they provide, are not responsible for the long term security of the data that you trust them with.

This is why we’re so proud to have created Backup365. These are the sorts of situations and unavoidable blunders that businesses need to be protected from. To be made aware of the huge risks so many organisations unwittingly take when migrating to a cloud solution such as Microsoft 365 which only provides a temporary (30 day) recycle bin service.

Backup365 offers the guarantee that businesses’ Microsoft 365 mailboxes, SharePoint, OneDrive and Teams data are backed up multiple times daily while being stored securely in Australian data centres.

Increasingly, business is happening within Teams. Data loss disasters such as what has occurred with KPMG are occurring in greater numbers. Are you prepared for the worst?


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