Your cloud customers need you – and data protection – now more than ever

Your cloud customers need you more than ever today. They need protection as they work remotely away from each other, away from their familiar workplace, away from a location that provided comfort that all data was safe. Distance brings fear.

This is the time to talk Backup365. Yes, it’s a commercial opportunity for you. But it is also a responsibility because the majority of your customers are not aware that their Microsoft 365 data is only saved for 30 days by Microsoft. As one of our MSPs has recently said: “The fact that we can confidently say to our Office 365 customers that all of their data is backed up, searchable and accessible for as long as they need it, is peace of mind for everyone.”

With emails, files and collaboration tools being accessed from home (with or without a secure VPN in place), IT support role becomes more challenging for MSPs – aside from a growing number of security risks.

Emails, files, and collaboration tools overwhelmingly are now being accessed from home, sometimes over secure VPN, many times not. The wide disparity in WFH network environments makes the IT support role even more challenging for MSPs, on top of the new security risks that have also emerged. Data protection for your cloud SaaS customers should be top of mind.

Most providers like Microsoft offer only limited data retention capabilities within their services (eg 30 days before data is deleted by them). They look for end-customers to leverage other service providers’ offerings to safeguard the underlying data. This is where we step in, ensuring NO data is ever deleted and that data is safely stored in Australia. Easy search and restoration when and if needed.

You know what to do, contact us to find out how Backup365 adds significant value to you and your business customers.


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