Your cloud customers need you – and data protection – now more than ever

You and the businesses you support, from a technology point of view, continue to live in a Covid-19 induced new ‘Business as Usual’ (BAU). All reports are telling us that your clients have readily and willingly moved to cloud services as their workforce necessarily moved to the Working from Home (WFH) journey.

This has instigated a good deal of much welcomed activity from your end. Importantly, this demand spike highlights your role in supporting customers’ IT security and essential backup environments for their key business cloud applications.

The recent statement from the CEO of Microsoft, Satya Nadella, reinforces this – “We’ve experienced two years of growth in two months” – when talking about the increased demand for cloud services during the pandemic.

While Office 365 keeps deleted items for up to 30 days in your recycle bin and OneDrive and SharePoint have up to 30 days of versioning (if the feature is enabled), that is it! Let’s not talk about malicious or unintentional deletions. You and your customers know that scenario well.

Backup365 gives you and your customers peace of mind by that all that critical information is kept for 10+years, saves you money by removing Office 365 mailboxes when staff members depart while ensuring you can retrieve any of the information if/when needed.

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