Backup365Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is Backup365?
    Backup365® is the simple and secure cloud backup solution for Microsoft 365 supporting Exchange Online, SharePoint, OneDrive and Teams.​ Backup365 automatically backs up all cloud data and securely stores it with Amazon Web Services (AWS) in Australia. ​Backed up data is easily searched and quickly restored using the Backup365 Web Portal or Outlook Add-in.​

  2. How does Backup365 work?
    A snapshot of cloud data is backed up multiple times a day, approximately once every 3 hours, and stored for 10 years minimum (an extension of data storage beyond 10 years is by negotiation). Backup365 backs up a new version every time there’s a file change detected, which will be available for restore. Backup365 keeps every single snapshot of data captured so it is available for search and restore at a very granular level.

  3. How can I search and restore data?
    All backed up cloud data can be searched, accessed, and restored via the Backup365 portal by an IT provider or Administrator. Backup365 also has an Outlook Add-in available for end users to easily search and restore their own exchange and OneDrive data.

  4. Does the restore process overwrite the original SharePoint and OneDrive files, folders, Microsoft email or mailboxes, if they had not been deleted?
    Backup365 never overwrites original items. If the item was not deleted and restored, Backup365 will create a duplicate copy of the file. Backup365 places all restored files into a restore folder.

  5. What are the different user roles? What can and can’t I do with each of the user roles?
    Currently Backup365 has three different roles for the Backup365 Portal being Admin, Service Desk and User role.

    • An Admin Role can perform most administrative tasks, including viewing user data.

    • A Service Desk Role can perform basic service management tasks, but not view user data. A Service Desk Role cannot disable and enable mailboxes, sites or drives.

    • A User Role can only search, restore and view own backup data.

  6. Are there any end user self-service capabilities?
    Yes Backup365 offers end user self-service capabilities via either a User role access to the Backup365 Portal or Outlook add-in which will allow an end user to safely search, view and restore their own backup data, without the need to engage with an Admin or Service Desk role.

  7. How can I access the Backup365 Portal? How does a partner get a login?
    Once a partner signs up to the Backup365 Partner Program and accepts the Terms and Conditions, an invitation to the Backup365 portal will come from Click the “View Invitation” link to access the “Your Customer Roles” page in the portal where a partner will see their Pending Invites. Simply click the green check to accept the invitation. The next time the partner logs in to the Backup365 Portal via , they can sign in with their Microsoft credentials.

  8. What is currently backed up?
    We back up Microsoft 365 email, Exchange Web Services, SharePoint and OneDrive for Business data. Documents in Microsoft Teams are also backed up through SharePoint. A full Microsoft Teams backup component is currently being developed to fully back up Microsoft Teams.

  9. How long is backed up data retained?
    By default, all data is stored for 10 years, however extension on the 10 years is possible by negotiation.

  10. Where is the backed up data stored?
    All data is saved to local data centres in Australia with Amazon Web Services.

  11. What components of the Backup365 solution can be customised with alternative branding?
    Backup365 reports, the Backup365 portal and Outlook Add-in can all be customised with branding. This can be useful for Managed Service Providers (MSPs) to customise the solution with their own branding. The solution can also be branded with the end customers’ business brand.

  12. How is customised branding implemented?
    Email with a request to brand reports, the Backup365 Portal and/or Outlook Add-in and our Support team will assist you with your branding requirements.

  13. What is required to brand the Backup365 Portal, reports and Outlook Add-in?

    • Partner website URL

    • Partner support URL

    • Primary Colour (All instances of Green on the portal) hex code

    • Secondary Colour (Not used today but is an option, unsure what it would eventually be used for) hex code

    • Background Colour (Everything white) hex code, really don’t recommend anything other than white or black for this but black might be a bit full on, tempted not to offer it.

    • Primary transparent logo, to sit on Primary colour (.png variable size, approx. 1400×500 or ratio thereof)

    • Favicon (.ico, 48×48)

    • Partner transparent logo to sit on background, normally white (.png variable size, approx. 1400×500 or ratio thereof)

    • Partner brand mark transparent (.png variable size, approx. 750×450 or ratio thereof)

  14. What is your Service Guarantee?
    If you find a mailbox or a site in a Microsoft tenant which we’ve agreed to back up isn’t completed within the last 48-hour period due to an issue with our systems, Backup365 will refund the service fee for the customer who experienced the missed backups for that month.

  15. Are you GDPR compliant?
    Backup365 is fully GDPR compliant. Only Backup365 can safely remove data if requested, based on submission of a support request to Backup365.

  16. How can I trial Backup365?
    Backup365 offers Free Internal Use Licenses (IUL) to Managed Service Providers (MSPs), so they can use it free of charge, rather than just trial Backup365. MSP’s can use Backup365 in their own businesses to keep cloud data secure.

  17. How is Backup365 billed?
    Backup365’s billing is aligned with the number of Microsoft 365 license counts / users mail-enabled licenses. The service subscription is invoiced per license month-by-month.

  18. How are Backup365 billed licenses calculated?

    We invoice distributors based on the number of purchased licenses as seen in the Microsoft licenses list at:

    We currently do not charge for products on the list whose String ID column ends with _EXPLORATORY, _FREE, _PREVIEW, _TRIAL, _ADDON, _IW
    And we do not charge for licenses where Service plans included column contains EXCHANGE_S_DESKLESS

  19. What are the different levels of provisioning?
    • Microsoft 365 Exchange Online only
    Back up of the entire Microsoft Exchange component including the Microsoft Exchange Online mailbox, calendar, tasks, notes and contacts

    • Microsoft 365 Exchange Online and files in OneDrive, SharePoint and MS Teams
    Back up of Microsoft Exchange Online, folders and conversations in OneDrive, SharePoint and MS Teams

    • SharePoint, OneDrive and MS Teams only
    Back up of files and folders from SharePoint, OneDrive and MS Teams, including conversations in MS Teams.

  20. Is there a minimum number of users?
    No, Backup365 does not require a minimum number for an MSP or a customer.

  21. Is there a minimum term?
    No, Backup365 operates on a month-by-month billing model. A customer or MSP can discontinue the service at any time.

  22. What if I/my customer decides to discontinue the Backup365 service?
    If the Backup365 service is discontinued, we’ll retain data for 30 days before deleting.

  23. Is Backup365 Australian?
    Backup365 is 100% Australian-owned, developed, operated and supported.

  24. How can I procure Backup365?
    Backup365 was designed to be provisioned and distributed through a partner channel.
    Backup365 is currently available through our distributors: Manage Protect, Soft Solutions (SofSol) and rhipe.

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