How is Backup365 different?

Backup365 is the backup software-as-a-solution (SaaS) built for Microsoft 365. Backup365 is a simple, secure cloud solution which backs up Exchange Online, SharePoint and OneDrive.

Designed with Managed Service Providers (MSPs) in mind, the solution is simple to provision with predictable billing, reporting, and the ability to brand the Backup365 Portal, Outlook Add-In and reports.

The Backup365 Portal is intuitive and easy to use with multiple user levels and a clean user interface. The end user capability is a key defining feature of Backup365.

100% Australian

  • Backup365 is 100% Australian owned.
  • Our cloud data backup solution is wholly designed and developed in Australia.
  • All backed up data is stored in secure Australian data centres with Amazon Web Services (AWS).
  • Our solution is locally supported.

Award-Winning Solution

  • Backup365 was a proud Merit Winner and finalist in the Start Up category of 2021 NSW iAwards.  The yearly iAwards celebrates the ICT industry’s contribution to the economy and recognises the importance of technology innovation to Australia’s international competitiveness.
  • Backup365 was a proud Finalist in the 2021 ARN Innovation Awards. Start-Up Innovation recognises market-leading start-ups building unique businesses to bring innovative new technologies to the Australian market.

Granular Search Capabilities

  • A snapshot of cloud data is backed up multiple times a day and stored as is for 10 years*.
  • Backup365 doesn’t roll up a days’ worth of backups and only store a single version of the data per day.
  • Backup365 keeps every single snapshot of data captured so it is available for search and restore at a very granular level.

Independent to Microsoft

  • All backed up cloud data is stored in an AWS data centre, separate to Microsoft. By storing data in a separate, independent environment, businesses can be confident that the data is safe and accessible, even during Microsoft service downtime.

End user search and restore capability with the Outlook Add-In

  • What sets Backup365 apart is the Outlook Add-In which offers end user capability to search and restore their own items.
  • Designed to protect end user privacy and alleviate MSPs from the search and restore tasks.
  • The Outlook Add-In can also be customised with MSP or end user company branding.

Undeletable, but GDPR compliant

  • Data is backed up securely with no means of intentional or accidental deletion, not even by System Administrators.
  • Backup365 is fully GDPR compliant, so only Backup365 can remove data safely if requested based on submission of a support request.


  • Managed Service Providers (MSPs) have the option of branding the Backup365 reports, the Portal and Outlook Add-in with their brand or a customer’s brand.

Straightforward, predictable billing

  • Backup365’s billing is aligned with the number of Microsoft 365 licences.
  • Unlike other Microsoft backup solutions that may charge for continued backup of unlicensed mailboxes, Backup365 enables businesses to cancel unused mailbox licenses while still retaining the data for search and restore.
  • If the tenant’s Backup365 service is discontinued, we’ll retain data for 30 days before deleting.

Free Internal Use License (IUL)

We offer IULs for for MSPs to use free of charge to keep their cloud data secure.

Service Guarantee

We are so confident in our backup service that it comes with our Service Guarantee. If you find a mailbox or a site in a Microsoft tenant which we’ve agreed to back up isn’t completed within the last 48-hour period due to an issue with our systems, Backup365 will refund the service fee for the customer who experienced the missed backups for that month.