The Backup365 Solution

Backup365 is the 100% Australian owned, operated and supported software-as-a-solution (SaaS) built for Microsoft 365. It is a simple, secure cloud solution which backs up Exchange Online, SharePoint and OneDrive.

Backup65 is available in three options

With no minimum number of users and easy month-to-month billing, the Backup365 solution is available in three different levels:

  • Complete peace of mind
    Back up of Microsoft Exchange Online, folders and conversations in OneDrive, SharePoint and Microsoft Teams.
  • Microsoft 365 Exchange Online only
    Back up of the entire Microsoft Exchange component including the Microsoft Exchange Online mailbox, calendar, tasks, notes and contacts.
  • Files and folders only
    Back up of files and folders from SharePoint, OneDrive and Microsoft Teams, including conversations in Microsoft Teams.

Backup365 Web Portal For Easy Management

The Backup365 Portal is intuitive and easy to use with multiple user levels and a clean user interface. The end user capability is a key defining feature of Backup365.

Backup365 has three different roles for the Backup365 Portal: Admin, Service Desk and User role.

  • An Admin Role can perform most administrative tasks, including viewing user data.
  • A Service Desk Role can perform basic service management tasks, but not view user data. A Service Desk Role cannot disable and enable mailboxes, sites or drives.
  • A User Role can only search, restore and view own backup data.

Key Features

  • A snapshot of data is backed up multiple times a day and stored, as is, for 10 years*.
  • Backup365 web portal and Outlook Add-in for easy management.
  • Self-service function to preserve end user privacy, allowing them to complete search and restores themselves.
  • Secure data storage with no means of deletion.
  • Data is stored separate to Microsoft, in Australian data centres for data sovereignty.
  • Customiseable Backup365 reports, the Backup365 web portal and Outlook Add-In.
  • Straightforward billing directly aligned with the number of Microsoft 365 licences, meaning shared mailboxes are not billed.
  • Service Guarantee.

Free Internal Use License (IUL)

We offer IULs for for Managed Service Providers (MSP) to use free of charge to keep their cloud data secure. A great opportunity for MSPs to trial and become accustomed to the solution, and better able to sell its solution features.

Contact us to activate your free IUL